Anfil Gas



was established as an independent subsidiary of ANFIL MARITIME to focus on the Seaborne Gas Transport Markets.

The targeted activities of AG are twofold:

To become one of the leading specialized broker in gas transport.

To develop in-house trading/brokerage activities in Gas in tandem with  ship brokerage. For, AG believes that cargo awareness and control is of paramount importance in seaborne cargo transport of gas.

AG possesses in depth know-how and expertise in gas products, gas operations and gas carriers. AG will pursue leadership on the strength of its background in chemical engineering and track record in gas transport and shipping which ensure its competitive edge in a sophisticated niche of the shipping markets.



Further, AG is fully aware of the Gas industry’s capital intensity needs. Based on the above disciplines, AG is in a position to reach beyond the conventional S n P services by offering a full spectrum of business and investment/funding consultancy services to clients interested in preparing financial proposals and business plans integrating and structuring data for the consideration of the fund providers with regard to any type of gas carrier acquisition. This is achieved on the strength of a strategic collaboration with the London/Singapore based ABI (Asset Based Investments Ltd)  which has been offering a range of strategic and structured finance advisory services focused on shipping, over the last 30 years. ABI has currently access to a number of established debt/equity funds, ship mortgage lenders and investment banks capable of funding large shipping projects by way of lending, leasing and debt/equity capital market transactions and private placements.